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Fly Fishing in America

Did you know that there were a number of women who were pivotal in advancing early american fly fishing?


Sculpting Fly Fishing's Female Pioneers

Join Sculptor Debbie Elmer in discovering early female pioneers in American fly fishing - a special project which is a part of a June 2011-2012 exhibit at the American Museum of Fly Fishing.


Inspiring the next generation of fly fishers

Through discovering the heritage women have in fly fishing in America and telling that story through sculpture.


Come explore current and past sculpture projects

How a Sculpture Begins in Clay

How a Sculpture Begins in Clay

My first step in creating a bronze is to come up with a rough-in concept sketch in clay. This generally involves a wire armature and plenty of water based clay. Continue Reading

How a Sculpture is Cast in Bronze

How a Sculpture is Cast in Bronze

Debbie Elmer uses the “lost wax” method for casting her sculptures. The “lost wax” method of bronze casting is an ancient technique that has been used to create sculpture for hundreds of years. Continue Reading

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Current Project: Sculpting the Early Women in Fly Fishing

My current project involves researching the women who were involved with the development of fly fishing in America. Although not in the majority, women have been involved with fly fishing in America from the start. It has often been a quiet presence with long-standing contributions – from some of the first studies in the life cycles of insects in streams to the establishment of the first commercial fly tying operation in America. These were not just women who fished – they were women who pioneering very specific and significant aspects of the sport. It has been my pleasure to learn more about these women and their lives and to try to capture who they were and their stories in sculpture.

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I would like to extend a special thank you to the American Museum of Fly Fishing for helping me with access to their collection and for including the beginnings of this project at their 2011-2012 exhibit. Thanks you as well to numerous individuals who are helping me locate biographical information on these women.


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