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Carrie Frost

Carrie Frost

Carrie Frost (1868-1938) b. La Crosse, WI

Owner of the first commercial fly tying company in America

C.J. Frost and Co. located in Stevens Point, WI

In 1896, when Carrie Frost was only 21 years old, flies that her father had order from England had failed to arrive for the opening of the trout fishing season. Carrie set to work on making flies on the kitchen table for her father and his companions. This was the birth of C.J. Frost and Co. The first shop was run out of her family home and demands for her flies quickly surpassed her production ability. Soon she recruited the family maid and neighborhood girls to help.¹ Although a modest start, Ms. Frost pioneered fly fishing manufacturing at the turn of the century and developed her business into an industry that put Steven’s Point on the fisherman’s map as the fly tying capitol of the world. Her flies caught fish and her slogan "Fish Fight for Frost Flies" was familiar with fisherman of all ages. She had the first commercial fly tying company in American and possibly the world. When she retired in 1920 she employed 150 people.²


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