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Sarah Jane McBride

Sara Jane McBride

Sara Jane McBride

Most of her research was done on Spring Brook in Caledonia, New York

Early Amateur Entomologist
...Sara wrote the first published American papers of any consequence on the subject of aquatic insects from an angler's perspective...The fly-fishing fraternity, as a whole, didn't have a clue about insect life and most fly patterns were what we now call "attractors." Sara"s flies which won her a bronze medal at the Centennial Exposition in 1876, were imitations of naturals. She also observed the importance of water temperature and the effects that even a degree or two of change could have on pupae and larvae inte h bed of Spring Creek. She was way ahead of her time. -Joan Wulff¹

In 1876, she published a newspaper article entitled, "Beside a Singing Stream: A Story of the Insect Fauna of Caledonia Creek." That same year she published a three part series in Forest & Stream called "The Metaphysics of Fly Fishing," and a year later, she published an article on "Entomology for Fly Fishers," in Rod & Gun. The articles appeared in Forest and Stream in 1876 and Rod and Gun in 1877.


  • ¹From Joan Wulff’s Fly Fishing: Expert Advice from a Woman's Perspective Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1991: pg 7.

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