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Nine influential women in Early Fly Fishing

Fly Rod Crosby

Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby

Cornelia Thurza Crosby (1854-1946) b. Phillips, ME

Predominately worked in Maine (Rangeley Lakes region) and traveled throughout New England

1800′s Fly Fishing Celebrity – Journalist – Maine’s First Licensed Guide

Elsie Darbee

Elsie Darbee

Elsie Belle (Bivins) Darbee (1912-1980) b. Willowemoc, NY

Early Catskills Style Fly Tyer — First President of the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum

Winnie Dette

Winnie Dette

Winifred “Winnie” Evelyn (Ferdon) Dette (1909-1998) b. Roscoe, NY

Lived and worked in Roscoe, NY

Early Catskills Style Fly Tyer

Carrie Frost

Carrie Frost

Carrie Frost (1868-1938) b. La Crosse, WI

Lived and worked in Stevens Point, WI

Owner of the first commercial fly tying company in America

Elizabeth Greig

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Elizabeth Greig

Elizabeth Greig (1902-1996) b. Peebles Scotland

Predominately worked in New York, NY and Lakeland, FL

Founder of the Angler’s Roost Fly Fishing Shop – Non-conventional Fly Tyer

Mary Orvis Marbury

Mary Orvis Marbury

Mary Orvis Marbury (1856-1914) b

Lived and Worked in Vermont

Early Author who Helped Record and Standardize Fly Patterns

Sarah Jane McBride

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Sara Jane McBride

Sara Jane McBride c.1845 – c.1880

Most of her research was done on Spring Brook in Caledonia, NY

Early Amateur Entomologist

Helen Shaw

Helen Shaw

Helen Elizabeth Shaw Kessler (1910-2007) b. Madison, WI

Worked primarily in Sheboygan, WI and New York, NY

Early Independent Fly Tyer — Author

Carrie Gertrude Stevens

Carrie Stevens

Carrie Gertrude (Wills) Stevens (1882-1970) b. Madison, ME

Worked in Maine throughout her career, primarily Upper Dam, ME

Independent Fly Tyer – Widely Known for her Innovative Streamer Construction